Alan T.

I guess my starting point was taking up mindfulness in order to overcome some stress and anxiety I was having several years ago. I found mindfulness extremely helpful and have become interested in other methods to tackle occasional depression, finding my purpose having given up full time work, and generally to live a more authentic and connected life. I also undertook the Hoffman Process - an intense weeks retreat which explored all aspects of self and after which I felt more positive about life than I had for years. My journey of self exploration continued with reading Ayeket Waldman’s A Really Good Day, about micronising LSD, and the Michael Pollen’s How to Change Your Mind. This lead to discovering The Psychedelic Society and recently attending (January 2019) a retreat and the use of Psilocybin. It was a wonderful experience, with the most interesting group of people, and I currently feel so much more relaxed, confident, and sociable. The facilitators were superlative. I’m looking forward to further catch ups with my group, understanding more about psychedelics, and how these can effect positive change into my life on an ongoing basis.