Adriana B.

Hello everyone, the reason why I support the mission of the Psychedelic Society is because psychedelics have changed my life by moving me from “wearing dark glasses” for 24 years to wearing “rose-coloured glasses” most days. I am talking mental health. Having been blinded by my very unfriendly mind for all those years, the only temporary relief that worked for me was dancing to specific music genres which has been psychedelic music or techno. Until about 6 years ago, I never really got real insight why music and dance shut down the malicious software in my head. It is only when I took the red pill like in the Matrix (in a safe environment with trusted circle). Ever since then it has been a journey of knowledge, realising simple truths, learning the art of being (still an ongoing beautiful progress), joy, inclinations towards art, feeling connected to the world, its species, our Planet. I finally understood that music and dancing is a platform to reach above our mind where is peace, love and joy. It is the world of the present moment. The mind with its PowerPoint of the past and future’s slides can’t reach there very easily. The red pill by itself did not change my perception overnight. It simply opened a new door and triggered a strong urge in me to want to explore the upper world above our mind. Guides and teachers and books were sent my way (I recommend for example Stanislav Grof, James Fadiman, and of course Ekhart Tolle). The most interesting thing is that it was my bad trip that has been the final straw on my path to become my mind’s best friend. I was lucky to find a psychotherapist in the Czech Republic who openly works with psychedelics (as it is not such a taboo among many therapists there). It was his practical tips that permanently cemented the teachings from numerous good trips and one bad trip. I feel liberated from my mind most of the time, we still have a few disputes and a few bad days but that is normal. Years of anti-depressive pills, countless therapies or physical exercise, 8-9 hours of sleep, nutritional food, loving support from friends and family - unfortunately none of these ever made any lasting impact. The only real tangible transformation came from the psychedelic tools and community. That is why when I discovered the Psychedelic Society, I wanted to support the honourable vision that one day the Government will allow therapists to prescribe psychedelic medicine in a safe set and setting to liberate people from the mental health epidemic. I do want to stress the importance of safe and comfortable environment and having an experienced trustworthy guide (teacher) and a right dosage of the powerful soul revealing red pill.