I'm a life coach, coach trainer and supervisor (former programme leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at UEL) and on the back of the recent renaissance in research into therapeutic use of psychedelics I started thinking about the potential in the coaching space. What if we went beyond healing and treatment of what's broken to utilize psychedelics to grow, develop, expand and move forward, regardless of where we find ourselves. Most people aren't broken or need fixing. Most people are resourceful and pretty much okay but would love to move forward. That's what coaching is about. Psychedelics seems to offer unique avenues to learn, explore life from a different perspective, take a massive step back and look at life from a different angle. I've founded a think tank of professional coaches exploring how this could be done safely and ethically, I'm pushing for more research into this exciting area and I'm thinking about how a coaching process could look like (may that be in the preparation phase, as part of the integration work or perhaps even psycholytically), what training and referral network a coach may need to keep clients safe, what the contracting would need to include and many other questions. If you're a coach and would like to join the discussion, please join our group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/362059797898773) or come talk to me at one of the society's events.