An Invitation to Rebellion

Posted Thu 18th Apr 2019, 1:34pm

You will probably be aware that the Extinction Rebellion (XR) is entering its fourth day.

I've been involved in XR since the Declaration of Rebellion in October 2018.
In November, I participated in Rebellion Day when five of London's major bridges were simultaneously blocked.
In December, I hosted an Extinction Rebellion Social at the Psychedelic Society.
In January, XR co-founder Gail Bradbrook and I had a public conversation on Psychedelics, Extinction and Social Change.
Last Saturday, I hosted Preparation for Rebellion at the Psychedelic Society.
And on Monday morning, I was part of the team that established the wellbeing hub at the Marble Arch camp (the big white tent, you can't miss it!)

I've seen the movement grow. And whilst it isn't perfect, I'm convinced that it's one of our current best hopes to force meaningful action on our deepening ecological crisis, in a country where our first-past-the-post voting system denies political representation to those seeking to protect our living planet. Meanwhile, research has repeatedly proven the effectiveness of nonviolent civil disobedience.

I encourage you to come down to one of the stages at Marble Arch, Waterloo Bridge or Oxford Circus and get involved. (The founder of Meadows in the Mountain is curating the lineup for the Waterloo Bridge stage this weekend.)

Finally, you're welcome to join the PS @ XR Telegram group so we can share breaking news and coordinate our activity.

With love,
Stephen Reid
Founder and co-director of The Psychedelic Society