Restless Future

Restless Future is a community of creatives, dreamers, aliens, warriors and more, here in the heart and soul of London. We come together for open-mic nights and community gatherings to share what inspires us and to practice openly expressing ourselves.

It really is the ultimate wildcard of souls. People from all walks of life, backgrounds, religions, heartbreaks and celebrations all come together to forget the outside noise of this world that tries to convince us we’re separate….and witness the magic of people sharing their truths.

As more people recognise the global mental health crisis, people are gathering more than ever to normalise conversations around healing, creativity, community and the gifts of deep understanding psychedelics can bring.

Our evening will be a night of poetry, inspiring talks, music, art, movement, and more. No need to come prepared or have anything perfected beforehand.

Come bring your soul, your friends and an open mind and be prepared to witness the gift of humans from all walks of life connecting over the universal magic of creativity.

Doors open at 7

Come early to sign up for the open mic as slots will be limited!

Here's to love, unity and creativity!

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