Sufi Shekhina Song Circle

The Sufi Shekhina Song Circle

Join us with soul-stirring, breath-awakening, heart-quaking chants and songs. These open us up deeply & joyfully when shared in group space. Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid and Sufi musician Fahad Khalid interweave an array of easy chanting practices in English, Arabic & ancient Hebrew, to get high in a circle welcoming people of all faiths and none.

The session includes group chanting, song, breath and these techniques have long been used both with and without psychedelic substances as a method of getting closer to oneness. Our singing and exploring will be substance free.

Please note entry will not be possible after 8pm, to maintain the enclosed quality of the event.  

About the Facilitators

Rachel is an ordained Kohenet (Hebrew Priestess), who has created stories, ritual or song circles for everyone from Billy Bragg to Burning Man.

Fahad is a singer & multi-instrumentalist, deeply inspired by the sufi wisdom of Rumi which he tends to transform within the Sufi Qawali music of South Asia.

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