Surrender: A workshop on acceptance and the art of letting go

Stored in the body are tensions and stored in the mind are beliefs that no longer serve you. These are formed at a moment in time when they had a purpose, but are now caught in a holding pattern as if trapped in the past.

It takes energy to hold these, and when released, there can be a surge of ease, understanding and even bliss.

Come share in this afternoon combining enquiry and somatic release, allowing you to discover how to accept and metabolise old emotions and free your mind to new understandings.

The enquiry aspect is inspired by the simple practises developed by modern masters such as Lester Levenson, Byron Katie and the Option Institute. Deceptively simple, the questions they pose can unlock profound insights and timeless wisdom.

The somatic release is based on both ancient and modern meditations, from yoga nidra to modern practitioners such as William Reich, Steve Paxton, Feldenkrais, and Hubert Godard.

Be ground
Be crumbled,
so wildflowers will come up where you are.
You've been stony for too many years.
Try something different.
- Rumi

About the Facilitator

Amir has been practising and sharing these techniques for several years, and although incredibly simple, has often found them to be the most simple route to personal relief and transformation. He is currently in training as a practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy and has completed several courses of Vortex Healing. He runs the popular 'Doors of Perception' event, and believes the tools of this workshop are the perfect balance to such endeavours, integrate the most profound of insights.

"Whilst meditation, psychedelics and philosophy may reveal many profound truths about the world, the body and mind can still hold onto old beliefs, conditioning and patterns that do not align with your current understanding. These techniques are a modern approach to an ancient idea; that suffering begins on the inside, and is released in the same place."

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