Songs of the Heart Cacao Ceremony

Cleanse from your week and shift into a higher frequency to meet your weekend!

Join Hana, Octavia & Zoë for an evening of devotional song & ceremonial cacao! Together we will enter a space of intention, open our hearts and unite our voices in the alchemy of sound, song, ceremony & celebration.

We will sing a collection of sacred songs from around the world as an expression of devotion to what is greater than us all. Many of our songs will be in Sanskrit, the ancient Hindu language, woven with other Spanish medicine songs we have connected with.

You do not need any experience and all are welcome. We believe everyone can sing and all sound is sacred. When we come together in community, our voices support one another and we lift each other higher by allowing ourselves permission to express and release all we are feeling and all we have been holding.

We will open our ceremony and set our intentions with medicinal ceremonial grade cacao, from Peru. This rich velvety elixir is a doorway to the heart, celebrated and honoured by the Incas, Aztecs, Mayans and in many ancient traditions. Cacao, chocolate in its purest form, is a heart opening & totally natural NON psychedelic medicine, containing an abundance of nutritional goodness & natural happy chemicals.

Please arrive on time.
7:00pm Doors open
7:20pm Cacao Ceremony & Intention Settings
7.30 Sacred Song Ceremony
9:30pm Space to share your song or poetry
10pm Close

Hana, Zoë & Octavia are trained facilitators with a passion for opening hearts, building community and sharing sacred song and sound journeys. They are widely experienced in both Sound Healing, Kirtan, and working with plant teachers and medicines on their travels and have facilitated ceremonies and retreats in England, Sweden, Guatemala and the Netherlands.

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