Doors of Perception: Mind Games to Get High


Consciousness Expanding Mind Games to Get High

The psychedelic experience dramatically transforms the perception of self and reality in ways that are strikingly similar to the poetic proclamations of long term meditators, mystics and masters of magic.

This workshop introduces a series of experiments, thought journeys, and mini-meditations that peel back the essential nature of consciousness, perception and reality in a magical mystery tour of what lies beyond.

Designed for a substance free high, you'll leave questioning the nature of reality, the fabric of existence, and your core sense of identity. These tools are powerful springboards on their own, but in combination with your substance of choice, will enhance your trip with deeper insights, expanded moments, and generally more bang for your buck.

What will I feel? I DON'T KNOW! But Reports Include:

Sense of flow, synchronicity, appreciation and wonder
Deeper appreciation and awareness for the current moment
Enjoying cracks in concrete equally to the most beautiful art, if not more.
Expanded states of consciousness
Dislodging of stressful mind narratives and related thought-chatter
An increase in compassion for both self and other
Release from stress and anxiety
Clearer understanding and communication of your emotions
Here there will be no dogma nor demand, simply an invitation to question conventional perception and see for yourself what was perhaps always there....


Amir has been delving into the questions of consciousness to discover what it is made of for over thirty human life times and two incarnations as a toad. Although no closer to any answers he has discovered some very good questions, the kind that get the most out of your highs, the best out of your lows, and the rickety bridge between the two.

Inspired by the sublime poetry of the Sufis, the pointers of Himalayan Buddhism, the enquiry of Hindu Advaita sages he joins the outliers of establishment western philosophy in enjoying the company of anyone interested in an experiential journey to the centre.

In this lifetime he has worked in theatre, film and dance in parallel to exploring wisdom traditions from the non-dual to the non-sequitur.
He has lived in London for over 15 years before spending the last 12 months as a nomadic itinerant explorer of outer and inner realities.

Gaia says he is sharp, funny and creative.

This might totally change your life.
You might think it's a bit stupid.
Red pill / blue pill!!!!

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