Down the Rabbit Hole: A Weekend Deep Dive into Perception, Self and Reality

'Curiouser and curiouser!”

This event is not for everyone.

It is an invitation to the brave soul and curious mind to question the very fabric of experience, the very nature of ourselves, and the reliability of our most cherished beliefs and treasured assumptions...

...then to follow each enquiry to it’s inevitable conclusion and sit in the discomfort, the confusion and the liberation of what lies beyond.

Ideal for those with a robust meditation practice, seasoned psychonauts, and those only willing to believe what they can know and experience for themselves.

Drawing on powerful pointers of Eastern mysticism as developed by the West's most inventive philosophers, we'll be engaging in powerful mental exercises, tools and enquiries to arrive at inescapable realisation.

This is an experiential journey, not an intellectual exchange of ideas. Using the mind to grapple with what it means to have one, and engaging reason to arrive at it's edge... then peering at what lies beyond.

The goal is to see clearly in broad daylight what is often only glimpsed with the most powerful psychedelics.

Numbers are strictly limited and RABBIT HOLES FILL FAST!

Please apply early to avoid disappointment.

***This is not a recommended workshop for anyone experiencing a lot of instability in their life or mental health at this time.***

It is a chance to be in a supportive group as you engage the most fundamental question of all:

“I know who I was when I got up this morning, but have been changed several times since then. I can’t explain myself” said Alice, “because I am not myself, you see.”

About your Fellow Explorer

Amir Giles runs the successful bi-monthly event at Psychedelic Society, "Doors of Perception: Mind Games for Modern Mystics". He has worked in theatre, film and dance in parallel to exploring wisdom traditions from the non-dual to the non-sequitur. He has been facilitating groups of various kinds for twenty years. His focus is now on practices and enquiries that induce lasting changes in sense of self, perception and reality.


11am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday the 9th & 10th of Feb

A mix of group discussions, partnered explorations and individual experiments.

The group discussions allow us to explore conceptual frameworks that allow for experiencing a shift in consciousness.

Individual experiments allow a direct and unmediated seeing which needs no outside validation.

The use of partnered contemplation is emerging as especially powerful. For many people this focuses the mind and body in a way that is difficult alone, allowing for insights and revelations that by ourselves can remain hidden.

As well as ancient tools emerging from formerly secret traditions, there are exciting exercises that have developed in the last decades in conjunction with the emerging neuroscience of unique states of consciousness.

You'll also have the opportunity to experiment with bio-feedback devices that guide you towards heart rate coherence, that act like a mirror for your inner state.

Some of these are exercises that we touch on in the bi-weekly event 'Doors of Perception'. With the safe container of a smaller group and the extra time, this is a chance to dive much deeper, as well as work with methods that due to their potential to feel destabilising, may require longer integration.

‘There’s no use trying,’ said Alice: ‘one can’t believe impossible things!’

'Why, sometimes' replied the Queen, 'I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!'

There will be a break for lunch. Please bring vegan food to share a co-created meal!

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