Neuroscience of DMT: Imperial College Research

DMT is a fast-acting psychedelic drug, known for its extraordinary effects in consciousness, inducing feelings of immersion into different dimensions, communication with entities and (on occasions) deep feelings of spiritual and emotional insight. In our recent studies carried out at Imperial College London, more than 50 doses of DMT have been administered to healthy participants in order to understand what are the effects of DMT in the human brain and mind. I will present these results and the relevance of DMT research for our understanding of human consciousness.

Christopher Timmermann is a neuroscientist and a researcher currently completing a PhD in Imperial College London, leading a project focusing on the effects of DMT in the brain and human consciousness. He is interested in the use of methods bridging the relationship between the phenomenology evoked by the psychedelic experience and changes in brain activity. Christopher obtained a BSc in Psychology in Santiago, Chile and a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Bologna in Italy.

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