Psychedelic Meditation #2

After the first sell-out psychedelic meditation event, we are back for another evening of cosmic deep diving.
Living life - like the psychedelic experience -  will always be like licking honey off of a thorn. 
We must cultivate tools and approaches to manage the uncomfortable / overwhelming experiences in life. 
The question is - what are the most skilful techniques for managing the scary bits? Both within the psychedelic trip and in day-to-day life?
The focus of this event will be on questioning your answers to this question.

Psychedelics can grant us access to the highest categories of subjective states, a chance to have a cheeky peak at the transcendent and discover new ways of relating to existence.

Who will be guiding the session?
This session will be facilitated by Michael Matania, a London based meditation teacher who co-created 'Mindkit', a London-wide programme with the mental health charity 'Mind', which introduced 16,000 young people to meditation. Michael is also the co-founder of 'The Present Moment Project' where he teaches meditation to organisations and the public, with an emphasis on reaching the most marginalised and hard to reach groups.
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