Psychedelic Meditation: Lucid Living

Psychedelic Meditation is back for our third round where we’ll be exploring what it means to live lucidly. 

According to a Harvard University study, the average person spends 47 % of their waking life lost in thought. In other words, we’re missing out on about half of our life. They also found that this mind wandering is a direct cause of unhappiness. 

The opposite of mind wandering is presence. 

In this session, we will take you on a journey into presence, and you will leave with tools and practices to bring this into your daily life. 

* We recommend bringing a blanket to keep cosy and warm.

* Cushions, chairs, and floor chairs will be provided.

* Tea will be provided. 

DISCLAIMER: If you have struggled with your emotional wellbeing, or are currently moving through something particularly difficult, please get in touch with us so we can discuss whether this is the right time for you to explore these practices, and make sure we support you as best we can. 

Who will be guiding this session? 

Michael is a London-based meditation teacher who co-created 'Mindkit', a London-wide program with the mental health charity 'Mind', which introduced 16,000 young people to meditation. He is also the co-founder of 'The Present Moment Project' where he teaches meditation to organisations and the public, with an emphasis on teaching the most marginalised and hard to reach groups.

Jen Lhamo is a London-based meditation teacher and trainee transpersonal psychotherapist. She works for the Psychedelic Society and facilitates some of the Experience weekends. For over ten years, Jen has been following a rigorous meditation training under the close guidance of a Tibetan Buddhist master. She has spent over 500 days in retreat and loves exploring the synergy between psychotherapy, and psychedelic and meditative non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

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