Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation

Psychedelic Yoga: Yoga for the preparation, navigation & integration of the psychedelic experience

The theme of this session is ‘Shining light into Darkness’. During the psychedelic experience, thoughts sometimes arise that are a product of fear & anxiety and these can end up being labelled as ‘dark thoughts’. Working with the breath, to relax the body and focus the mind, we are able to observe challenging thought processes with detachment and compassion. This practice can transform our level of awareness during the psychedelic experience, as we explore both the subconscious and the superconscious. Perceiving our minds in this way, can also have a profound effect on how we operate in our daily lives.

Alongside postures, breathing techniques and philosophy, there will be a guided meditation on this theme.

The session will conclude with a 40 minute sound journey, created with 38” Sun Gong, shamanic drums, Tibetan singing bowls, hangdrum, flute, harmonica, ocean drum, shanti chimes, shruti box, loop station, mantras, overtone singing & medicine songs.

Doors open at 7:45pm for a 8:00pm start. The session lasts for 1hrs 45 mins. We invite you to join us for a cup of tea & social at the end of the session.

Yoga mats & blankets are provided.

Standard tickets are £18 / Concessions are £13
Unfortunately no tickets will be available on the door.

Why is it called Psychedelic Yoga? Psychedelic Yoga equips participants with yogic techniques to prepare the body & mind for journeys with psychedelic medicines, whilst practicing tools which can assist in the navigation & integration of those experiences.
What do I need to bring or wear? Yoga mats & blankets are provided. We recommend wearing loose fitting clothes that allow you to move and stretch during the postures.
Do I need to have done yoga or meditation before? Psychedelic Yoga is designed for all levels of ability & you don’t need to have practiced either yoga or meditation previously to attend the sessions.
What is the structure of this event? Each event is unique, however a typical session of Psychedelic Yoga will include a combination of postures, breathing techniques, mudras and mantras, philosophy and readings related to psychedelics & yoga, in a supportive, fun & friendly environment. There will also be a guided meditation designed to explore the theme. Each session concludes with a 40 minute sound journey. We invite participants to stay for a cup of tea & socializing at the end of the session.
Do people take psychedelics at the events? No. Although we fully support the responsible respectful use of psychedelic medicines, these events are not designed for people to take psychedelics at. Participants report they often enter powerful enhanced states of consciousness at Infinite Spirit Sounds events, through processes combining meditation, sound, breath & deep relaxation.
Do you need to have had prior experience with psychedelics to attend the events? No. Prior knowledge, experience or interest in psychedelics is not a pre-requisite to attending these events.

About Infinite Spirit Sounds:
Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation was created by Jamie & Phil from Infinite Spirit Sounds, in association with The Psychedelic Society.

The session will be led by Phil who has practised yoga and meditation since 1971. He has studied in the UK and India with the Ramakrisha Vedanta Centre, the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order and the Rigpa Organisation. He has also trained in ‘dream song’ with the Yoga Nidra network.

Jamie is a qualified sound healer & gong practitioner, who has trained with gongmaster Sheila Whittaker, the College of Sound Healing & Jill Purce. He works with sound & meditative techniques to invoke & facilitate enhanced states of consciousness for healing.

Phil & Jamie organize regular sound healing & yoga events in London, and have worked across the U.K & in the Netherlands. You can find out more about their work, see photos from past events and get information about coming sessions @

They both have extensive experience working with psychedelic plant medicines. Phil & Jamie also facilitate on The Psychedelic Experience Retreats in the Netherlands organized by The Psychedelic Society.

Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation Testimonials:
“I started attending Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation back in October 2017 and have not missed even one since. Each month they provide a unique meditation, which is very uplifting and I thoroughly enjoy. Phil & Jamie are not only incredibly professional and knowledgeable in what they do, but also super friendly and always give you heaps of positive vibes. Keep up the good work" Teresa

“It was amazing! The best of its kind I had so far. I loved how they combined meditation, yoga, education, healing & sound in one. It was a journey. Well done guys!” Diana

“Great information, lovely yoga, and the music, gong, and sounds really helped me get into a deep relaxed state!” Scott

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