The Hero’s Journey: Myth & Archetype to Guide Your Psychedelic Trip

Whilst a psychedelic crisis can be an extremely challenging experience, given the right set and setting, it can also become a moment of profound healing and growth. The journey of the mythical hero described by Joseph Campbell in his classic book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”, unfolds in a very similar fashion to the experience of a psychedelic crisis.

In this fascinating talk Nir Tadmor will shed light on the archetypal nature of the psychedelic crisis by using the different stages of the hero’s journey as a roadmap for the intervention process. The characteristics of supportive set and setting will be discussed and their importance for the completion of the journey will be emphasised through the speaker’s own experiences as a team leader in a psychedelic crisis intervention project.

Speaker Bio:

Nir Tadmor is the co-founder of a psychedelic crisis intervention project called Safe Shore and a psychotherapist in private practice. He is also a MSc student in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology through the Alef Trust. After a few years working as a mental health professional in a mental-hospital-substitution project Nir is dedicating most of his time to promote sensible drug policy in Israel where together with Igal his partner in Safe Shore he trained more than 250 people in basic psychedelic crisis intervention skills.

Nir will outline the stages of the Hero's Journey and how these can give guidance for extreme psychedelic trips;

The Call to Adventure & Refusal of the Call
Meeting the Mentor
Tests, Allies and Enemies
The Innermost Cave
Reward, Road Back and Resurrection
Return with the Elixir

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