The Psychedelic Society's Homerton space

Greenhouse, 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, E9 6AB, UK

The Main Space

Private hire rates: small events (up to 25 people) £40/hour, £250/day (8 hours); large events (26+ people) £80/hour, £500/day. Contact us for bookings

La Botica Exótica

Available for hire weekdays 10am – 6pm at £15/hour. Booking via Skedda

The Temple

Available for hire weekdays 10am – 6pm at £15/hour. Booking via Skedda


Movement Medicine

Wild Play Lab: Unlock, Release, Relax

Breathwork for Intuition, Insight and Creativity, with Dr David Luke

Find your Purpose, Find your People

Body Poetry: Unearthing the Wisdom of the Body

Tea and Sacred Tobacco Ceremony

Shroomshop Pro: A Magic Weekend of Mushroom Cultivation

Kundalini Yoga, Sound and Cacao Ceremony with Wisdom Roundhouse

Wild and Raw Relating

Dance of the Goddess

Enter Creatrix: A weekend workshop of embodiment and ritual

Mastering Harmony: Sound, Laughter, Movement and Breath

Spiritual science, mysticism & consciousness: Darren Springer feat. Sanae Orchi

Psychedelic Summit

Bad Trips by James W. Jesso

An Evening with Kilindi Iyi: Accessing Sub Quantum Intelligence through Hallucinogens

Holding Space: A weekend workshop on supporting extreme states of consciousness

Sex Club: Sharing knowledge & experience for a more fun sex life