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Cherece John


Michael Matania


Anya Oleksiuk


Gaia Harvey Jackson


Stephen Reid

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Ronan Harrington

Introductory offers!
Day rate£15/day £10/day
Weekly rate£50/week £35/week
Monthly hot desk£200/month £150/month
Monthly fixed desk£300/month £250/month

You will need to be vouched for by two existing members. Apply via Autopo

The Main Space

For events hosted in collaboration with the Psychedelic Society, we operate a 80:20 ticket split (80% of ticket sales to event organiser, 20% of ticket sales to the Psychedelic Society).

80:20 ticket split rate Private hire
Small event (up to 25 people) £25/hour, £150/day £40/hour, £250/day
Large event (26+ people) £50/hour, £300/day £80/hour, £500/day

La Botica Exótica

Available for hire at £15/hour

The Temple

Available for hire at £15/hour

The Therapy Room

Available for hire at £10/hour

The Film Studio

Weekdays Weekends
Standard £20/hour, £120/day £25/hour, £150/day
Concession £15/hour, £90/day £15/hour, £90/day

Camera person & camera hire (Sony A7S II): £30/hour, £200/day
Extra crew and kit available — please email Anya with your requirements for a bespoke quote
Alternative Colorama background colours: £100 (ordered 3 days in advance)


Sister's Breathwork Circle

Psychedelic Sound Journey with Infinite Spirit Sounds

Psychedelic Women's Circle: Claim Your Power

Psychedelic Tea Ceremony

Songs of the Heart Cacao Ceremony

Cyberdelics Incubator

Psychedelic Men's Circle

Sufi Shekhina Song Circle

Psychedelics & the Shadow

Psychedelic Philosophy: Getting Saved from the Sixties

Dance in the Dark

4th Birthday Banquet

Doors of Perception: Mind Games to Get High

Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation

Sex Club

Rave Ritual: Manifest Through Dance

Love Always Wins

Immersive: A Psychedelic Art Fair

Harmonia: Voice and Sound Healing

Psychedelics and Addiction

The Wild Voice Unleashed

The Doors of Perception: Mind Games to Get High

Psychedelics & the Shadow