Brian P.

I have been experienced in Psychedelic activity for nearly 50 years. I believe the use of tryptamine and phenethylamine compounds has provided great benefits for myself. While I believe that proper and serious scientific research is the way forward, I also have to confess that my experience in this area has also brought a lot of fun and joy, which, to me, is one of the basic objectives in life. I joined the Psychedelics Society to help support a movement that has great potential benefit for individuals and society in general.. I support the recent upsurge in research in this area as a positive step forward. We can develop models for therapy that are based on a fuller understanding of the way these compounds work. Regrettably, due to the "moral panic" over their use in the 1960s, we have lost 50 years of potential benefit in areas such as Alcoholism, Depression, PTSD and other areas, and should be looking to greatly expand research in this field. I should also note that there are many other areas of mind/body awareness that also contribute to a broader and healthier base to life that should be researched.