Men's Circle: Clarity, purpose & intention

Who do you serve? Yourself? Something bigger and greater than you?

What have you dedicated your year to? What have you dedicated your life to?

What assumptions have you made that are driving your actions? Are they true?

Did you choose your path? Or did someone else choose it for you? What voices are you obeying?

January is a time of coming into stillness, clarifying our learning from the previous year and setting aim.

In this ritual gathering, we shall be drawing on meditation, music and chaos magic to clarify our direction, meaning and purpose for this year.


It’s clear that the images of adult manhood given by the popular culture are worn out - a man cannot depend on them. As many men have been figuring out, the models that men have been taught to live by do not actually work in real life.

This is a gathering for psychedelic creatures who identify as men to explore together what a man is or could be in our times.
Over the coming year, we will explore our experience of manhood including:

- Opportunities to drop the mask and connect with other men authentically and vulnerably
- Learning to be as comfortable in our bodies as we are in our heads
- Explore our relationship to the Feminine (Yin) and Masculine (Yang) both inside and outside of ourselves.
- Explore to the Archetypes of the King, Warrior, Lover and Magician.
- Help and challenge each-other to show up in the world more fully – a sons, fathers, brothers, lovers, friends and allies.

We especially welcome transgender men and non-binary humans who were assigned male at birth.

The workshop will be facilitated by Michael Matania, a meditation teacher and resilience specialist with the charity Mind.

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