Psychedelic Experience Retreat: November 1-4 (4-day Returners only)

**If the ticket bracket for either gender or income that applies to you is sold out, feel free to contact in case we've had any cancellations or can make a different type of place available. It's a juggling act to ensure gender balance and the right amount of each income bracket sold for the figures to add up**

Join us for this 4-day Returner's Experience Retreat in The Netherlands, this will be the first of its kind, responding to requests from those who've taken part in our retreats and want to journey further. Specifically designed for those who've already experienced our retreats, it will provide a chance to go deeper with this work amongst a safe group of people familiar with the psychedelic space. With a new format, new venue and yet familiar feel, it promises to be a special gathering.

We will also be marking Samhain, a liminal time, between autumn equinox and winter solstice, when it was said that the boundary between this world and the otherworld could be more easily be crossed. An auspicious time to venture into the psychedelic space for the benefit of reflecting, healing and honouring. We will be exploring the use of psilocybin truffles in one group ceremony setting.

Tickets: High-income, standard and low-income tickets are based on self-selection and trust. We have opted for this model because it is important to us to make this experience accessible for as many people as possible.

Here is some guidance to help you choose your price.

  • If you are unemployed, a student, earn at the minimum wage level and don’t have any savings, please choose a low income ticket. Please be mindful that if you buy a low income ticket but do not actually fall into this income bracket, you are taking away the opportunity for someone who cannot afford it. We hope you understand.
  • If you earn a regular standard wage, please choose standard income. This will depend on the place you live and its associated cost of living. For example, in London this would mean earning between £24 - 35k per year.
  • If you earn more than £35k per year or can otherwise afford a high income ticket, please choose this ticket. Know that the extra money gained from the high income tickets allows us to offer lower income tickets for those who are not otherwise able to amass the funds to pay for such an experience.

Non-binary tickets: If you identify as non-binary and would like to purchase a ticket, please contact the email address given and we will happily create a ticket for you and provide you with suitable sleeping arrangements.

Private rooms: Please note that if you can afford to pay for a private room supplement, then you don't fall into the low income category, so we discourage anyone from buying a low income ticket + private room supplement. If you have a low income but have special needs, please get in touch with us directly.

Purchasing the truffles: We will meet in central Amsterdam to purchase the truffles together before getting in the shared coach to the venue.

Shared coach: The venue is in a rural location, so we advise everyone to book the shared coach for ease of getting there, because it’s nice to travel with the group to the venue, and because it’s more cost-effective and less hassle than booking a train+taxi individually or driving a rental car. We suggest you book this at the same time as booking your place.

This event is sold out

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