Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Mar 5 - 9 (5-day women-only)

Magic happens when a group of women come together with the intention to hold each other in a sacred space, through this women’s retreat we will reconnect with the inner goddess that lives in all of us and reignite the power of sisterhood, aided by the use of psilocybin and other mind-revealing practices.

It is in the safety of a circle of women that we can create the time and space to drop into the wisdom of our bodies, to find a source of silence away from the noise of modern life, and access a deeper knowing and wisdom. There is a process of ‘remembering’ that happens in women-only spaces; what it is to be in a woman’s body at this time, to see our own experiences in others’ stories, to feel heard and understood, in our light and our shadow.

Psychedelics will be a crucial ally in this joint journey, being an incredible force of truth and immensely helpful tool for facilitating understanding, heart opening and connection. This will be supported by an exquisite, nurturing and inspiring blend of ritual, ceremony, song, movement, meditation, group inquiry, as well as connection with nature’s cycles and the four elements, exploring how each manifests within our own psyche and bodies, and thereby getting an experiential sense of our oneness with to the natural world (and the universe!).

Come immerse yourself in natural and nurturing surroundings, sit by the campfire sharing songs and stories, gaze at the stars and find stillness in the surrounding woodlands.

This retreat will take place over 5 days from Thursday 5 March to Monday 9 March 2020 near Wapserveen in the Netherlands. The standard cost of the retreat is £1250, with a sliding scale for lower-income (£800) and higher-income (£1750). Everything (food, accommodation, facilitation) is included in the price except travel and truffles (which must be done individually for legal reasons). Cost of travel will depend on where you are coming from, if travelling from south of the UK we recommend Eurostar, and purchasing tickets early. The additional cost of the truffles will amount to approximately €50 for an average dose. We will advise you on this process once you are accepted to a retreat. If you would like to pay in instalments, and for any other enquiries, email

This retreat is an inclusive space for all female bodied or identified people. We wish to emphasise that this workshop will have a strong focus on femininity and the female experience. If you are called to join and you are transgender or non-binary, please get in touch and we can discuss if this would be a safe space for you, and how to make more inclusive spaces in the future.

Tickets: High Income, Standard and Low Income tickets are based on self-selection and trust. We have opted for this model because it is important to us to make this experience accessible for as many people as possible.

Here is some guidance to help you choose your price.

— If you are unemployed, a student, earn at the minimum wage level and don’t have any savings, please choose a low income ticket. Please be mindful that if you buy a low income ticket but do not actually fall into this income bracket, you are taking away the opportunity for someone who cannot afford it. We hope you understand.

— If you earn a regular standard wage, please choose standard income. This will depend on the place you live and its associated cost of living. For example, in London this would mean earning between £24 - 35k per year.

— If you earn more than £35k per year or can otherwise afford a high income ticket, please choose this ticket. Know that the extra money gained from the high income tickets allows us to offer lower income tickets for those who are not otherwise able to amass the funds to pay for such an experience.

Private rooms: Please note that if you can afford to pay for a private room supplement, then you don't fall into the lower income category, so we discourage anyone from buying a lower income ticket + private room supplement. If you have a lower income but have special needs, please get in touch with us directly.

Travel logistics and purchasing the truffles: Once you have booked onto the retreat, you will receive more detailed instructions but here are the basics about travel..

Arrival day.  One of the facilitators will meet you at Kokopelli (Warmoesstraat 12 in Amsterdam, 5 min walk from Amsterdam Central train station), one of our favourite 'smart shops' (licensed to sell truffles), at 15h, to help you with the purchase of truffles. Afterwards the group will take the shared coach to the venue. If you wish, you can also make your own way to the venue, in which case please aim to be there by 17h.

Departure day. The retreat finishes at 13h30 and you can expect to be in Central Amsterdam by 15h30.

We kindly request you to respect these arrival and departure times, so as not to miss important parts of the programme. If you have special circumstances, please contact

Purchasing the truffles: We will meet in central Amsterdam to purchase the truffles together before getting in the shared taxi to the venue.

Shared taxi: We advise everyone to book this because the venue is in a rural location, so for ease of getting there, because it’s nice to travel with the group to the venue, it’s more cost-effective than booking a train+taxi individually and less hassle than driving a rental car. We suggest you book this at the same time as booking your place.


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