Psychedelic Women's Circle: Belonging

Tune in for your bi-weekly fix of femme flavoured psychedelic support. Once again we shall be coming together to heal, grow, share and shine in our absolute authenticity. Since May 2018 over 200 women have gathered, and together we create a safe space to be vulnerable, to be fabulous, to be afraid, to be fearlessly ourselves. 

The theme for this week is BELONGING. So often, and especially in London, we can feel isolated, alone, as if no one understands us, as if we are different to everyone, broken, wrong. 

This session is about reconnecting with the part of us that runs through every human being. About finding your tribe, where you are safe and free to truly be yourself. There is something so magical about the Psychedelic Women's Circle; we all share a curiosity about consciousness and the universe, through our shared experiencs with psychedelics we know that there is something more! And that at the heart of all things is LOVE.  

We are a sisterhood who love psychedelics and believe they are a powerful tool for healing and transformation. The aim of the Women's Circle is to create a space with similar opportunities for opening, healing and growth, without the use of psychedelic substances.

We help each other to make sense of our psychedelics experiences and integrate them into our lives.

We support each other to dig out our shadows and bring them into the light.

We give relief to those areas of our lives where we are struggling by sharing our difficulties and processing them through embodied practice.

Every circle is different depending on who is present. A typical circle may involve some of the following:

  • meditation
  • group sharing
  • singing
  • eye-gazing
  • partner work
  • emotional release
  • dance
  • play
  • Empowerment Rituals

We reject patriarchal systems which encourage competition between women causing separation and dis-empowerment. The psychedelic experience breaks down this illusion of separation and imbues us with feelings of deep connection to one other and Mother Nature, resulting in transformative healing and empowerment.


We request a contribution of £15 per person per session, or £10 for those with low income

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