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Events in London

This week Week of Mon 25th Nov Week of Mon 2nd Dec Week of Mon 9th Dec

Psychedelic Women's Circle: Five Week Closed Group

Kundalini Yoga, Sound and Cacao Ceremony with Wisdom Roundhouse

Cyclical Living as Embodied Activism with Ruby May

Shroomshop Pro: A Magic Weekend of Mushroom Cultivation

Psychedelic Tea Ceremony

Sufi Shekhina Song Circle

Doors of Perception: Week Four

Slow Dating: Intimate Connection for Psychedelic Singles

Psychedelic Women's Circle: Week Four

Men's Circle: Presence

Rave Ritual

The Work That Reconnects: Climate Grief & Sacred Activism

Headless Way with Richard Lang

Psychedelic Women's Circle: Week Five

The Psychedelic Renaissance Screening and Panel Discussion (Fundraising Party)

Dance in the Dark

Wild Play Lab: Unlock, Release, Relax

Full Moon Release

Movement Medicine

Natural Born Storytellers: Tales of our Elders

Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Journey One Day Retreat

Instant Enlightenment: Glimpsing the Buddha Mind

Psychedelic Gong Bath (Round Chapel)

Songs of the Heart Cacao Ceremony

Wild and Raw Relating

All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath New Years Eve

Experience Retreats

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: November 21-24 (4-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: December 18-22 (5-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Jan 29 - Feb 2 (5-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 6-9 (4-day)

  • Thu 6th Feb 2020, 2pm – Sun 9th Feb 2020, 12:30pm
  • Netherlands

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 13 - 16 (Returners 4-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 20-23 (4-day)

  • Thu 20th Feb 2020, 3pm – Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 3pm
  • Netherlands

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Feb 27 - Mar 2 (5-day)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Mar 5 - 9 (5-day women-only)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Apr 8-13 (6-day double ceremony retreat)

Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Apr 15 - 19 (5-day)

Others' events

Psychedelic Jazz from De Lorians

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